Mantero Dress


The Italian fabric manufacturer Mantero supported Deborah Milner and Aveda in the launch of the Ecoture™ project by providing end of line fabrics, which would, otherwise, have been destroyed. An inevitable by-product of creativity within the industry is waste – thousands of metres are destroyed annually. Mantero’s move towards environmental sustainability, which includes recycling superfluous silks, also involves research into fibres, dyes and fabric structures and looks at how these can be developed from renewable resources.


The fabric Mantero provided for this project was their contribution towards Deborah Milner’s concept of a beautiful couture collection with an ecological conscience.


The silk ziberline, which was especially woven  for the Mantero Dress, represented a move forward in the creation of sustainable high end luxury textiles, in that, the fabric was woven with naturally dyed silk thread  and can be produced on an industrial scale and, hence, signposts a pathway for future investigation and research which, ultimately, could lead to more environmentally friendly mainstream fabrics.




Ecoture™ fabric  created exclusively for Deborah Milner and Aveda by Mantero Textiles. 100% silk  ziberline woven  using naturally dyed silk thread interwoven with naturally dyed raffia.