Peter Gray


Deborah has worked on various projects with visionary hairdresser and filmmaker, Peter Gray, since they first met in the 1990’s, whilst working on a show at the Kunst Museum, Wolfsburg. Collaborations have ranged from sustainable couture and promotional work to creating avant-garde images and installations. It was Peter who introduced Deborah to Aveda and facilitated the Ecoture™ project.

In 2009, Deborah and Peter collaborated on a film project, ‘My Left Thigh’, which was included in the SHOWstudio exhibition at Somerset House that same year. They went on to work together with Nicola Saint-Marc on her short film ‘Rouge Noir’ which explores the world of paper fashion.

Most recently, they have just finished a short film commissioned by SHOWstudio to coincide with Nick Knights role as creative consultant on the Metropolitan Museum of  Art show, ‘PUNK : Chaos To Couture’ . The film will be shown  on SHOWstudio in December.